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Old furniture removal North London

Quality furniture’s life isn’t timeless and if the day to part with it has come, then you will be happy to contact us today. Rubbish Taxi provides a hassle free house clearance and furniture removal service across North London. We will be more than happy to help you get rid of an old couch or any other unwanted furniture, no matter the size and number.

Reserve our furniture removal services today and take your unwanted furniture away! Whenever it’s more comfortable, the technicians will visit your address and take away unnecessary chairs, tables, shelves, sofas, beds or anything else. You can always rely on us regardless of the circumstances!
Old furniture removal North London

Old furniture removal North London

3 steps for old furniture removal in North London

These are 3 simple steps you can do to get rid of old furniture.

Step 1. Calculate your price using price calculator or simply give us a ring and book time suitable for you.

Step 2. Prepare your unwanted old furniture: Bring it out to the side of your house or we can do it without any problem

Step 3. Sit and enjoy

Other furniture removal services from Rubbish Taxi

For easy reference, here are certain tasks with which we can help:

Mattress disposal – familiar item that leaves you puzzled once you decide to get rid of. It’s heavy and it takes a lot of room, but it doesn’t bother us! Rubbish Taxi vehicles are designed for such tasks, we simply load and dispose of your mattress properly from any part in North London.

Sofa disposal – one of the largest pieces of furniture you have at home. So once the time is ripe, it turns out to be a big problem. Where are you throwing it, right? Well, that doesn’t need to worry. Let London’s rubbish removal specialists do the job–we’ll have your sofa available for you so that you won’t waste your free time!

Bed disposal – now it’s one thing to throw away a mattress, but one whole bed, this is a hercules task! No better way than to call Rubbish Taxi to handle this burden! The weight and size of the bed are absolutely no problem! We’ll load and carry it easily on one of our yellow trucks. With a single phone call, you can make your old one disappear!

What if I have additional furniture items to dispose?

Rubbish Taxi deal with the following house clearance services:

  • Garden furniture recycling
  • Bedroom furniture clearance
  • Sofa removal & other soft furniture disposal
  • Office furniture clearance
  • Fridge & freezer disposal
  • And many more